Evening Breathwork Practice

This practice helps you switch off the mind, unwind and get super relaxed for a great nights sleep.

The 4:8 breathing rhythm, relaxing sounds and deep Brainwave Entrainment music in this track make it extremely powerful. After just a few minutes you'll produce a more relaxed brain wave pattern enabling you to go into a deep and uninterrupted sleep.

I personally listen to this most nights, drifting off into a deep sleep after about 10 minutes. The audio does go for 60 minutes in total and is comprised of uninterrupted 4:8 breathing. However, you can do 10-20 minutes and switch it off, or just let it run as you drift off to sleep.



  • 00:00 Relaxation and meditation
  • 00:16 4:8 Breathing starts: Breathing in the nose for 4 seconds and out the nose for 8 seconds.
  • 58.02 - 01:01:05 End

4:8 breathing should feel effortless, with a focus on relaxing the breathing, body and mind. There should be no strain on your body and your muscles should be relaxed and not tense.

The full 60 minutes is a great session to do if you're wanting to go into a deep meditative state for long, uninterrupted periods of time. You’ll also experience a beautiful natural "high".